Irish Wildflowers Twayblade, Lesser

Lesser Twayblade, Listera cordata

Irish Name: Dédhuilleog bheag

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Welcome to Wildflowers of Ireland

Fáilte and Welcome to a personal record of the wildflowers of Ireland. This is a website containing my own photographs of the Irish wildflowers which over the years I have come across and recorded. I have arranged them in a few different ways, by name – English, Latin or Irish – and if you’re not sure of the Irish wildflower’s name, try searching for it by colour.

As time goes on, I hope to add more photographs of Irish wildflowers. Initially I am only putting on photographs of Irish wildflowers which I think I can identify correctly, however, I won’t mind having any mistakes pointed out.

I hope to add a new dimension to a country walk by drawing your attention to the amazing but often overlooked beauty of what is growing along the way. Even in the earliest parts of the year, there are wildflowers to be found, and when you get into the habit of looking at every hedgerow, wayside and ditch, you’ll be well rewarded. I am also including folklore with regard to many of these wildflowers and any other relevant herbal information, historical or literary allusions. I hope you get some enjoyment from this website – I already have.