Eyebright, Irish

Information on Irish Eyebright

Common Name: Irish Eyebright
Scientific Name: Euphrasia salisburgensis
Irish Name: Glanrosc gaelach
Family Group: Orobanchaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
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When walking in the Burren last year I came across this little Eyebright.  Perhaps it is the variety known as Irish Eyebright which is described as having bronze coloured leaves and stems. However, there are many varieties of Eyebrights and they are extremely easily confused so if this identification is incorrect I won't be surprised.  Euphrasia salisburgensis has pretty little two-lipped flowers which have purple stripes and a yellow spot in the throat. The leaves are bronze tinged and the plant grows close to Wild Thyme upon which it is semi-parasitical.  It reaches a height of 12cm and flowers from July to September.  This is a native plant which belongs to the familyOrobanchaceae. 

I first found this plant in the Burren in 2007 and photographed it at that time.   

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Eyebright, Irish
Eyebright, Irish