Hawkbit, Rough

Information on Rough Hawkbit

Common Name: Rough Hawkbit
Scientific Name: Leontodon hispidus
Irish Name: Crág phortáin gharbh
Family Group: Asteraceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Rough Hawkbit could sometimes be confused with:

Hawkbit, Lesser,

This is one of those many yellow ‘Dandelion-like’ species which are not easy to identify. However, the covering of rough, white hairs makes it a little different to some of the other members of the Asteraceae family. The golden yellow flowers (25-30mm across) are ligulate, that is they consist of only ray florets, each of which terminates in a 5-toothed tip. These florets are longer than the involucre of bracts beneath the flowerhead. The flowers are borne solitarily on unbranched, erect, leafless stems which arise from a basal rosette of coarse wavy-toothed leaves. A few tiny scales may occur on the stem (see bottom image). This species grows to about 40cm tall. 

Rough Hawkbit is a native perennial which flowers from June to September in dry grassland and mainly calcareous soil. It occurs mainly in the centre of Ireland and also Connacht and the south-east. 

I first saw and photographed this species in Pollardstown Fen, Co Kildare in 2015. I was with Jackie O’Connell and Paul Green and might not have been able to identify it readily but for their help. 

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If you have a 10x hand lens, have a look at the hairs on the stems and underside of the leaves. Some of them will be forked at the tip. 

Hawkbit, Rough
Hawkbit, Rough
Hawkbit, Rough
Hawkbit, Rough