Stonecrop, Reflexed

Information on Reflexed Stonecrop

Common Name: Reflexed Stonecrop
Scientific Name: Petrosedum rupestre
Irish Name: Grafán crom
Family Group: Crassulaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Reflexed Stonecrop could sometimes be confused with:

Stonecrop, Biting,

At a first glance, this could be mistaken for Biting Stonecrop as the individual flowers are quite alike but there are a good few differences between the two species. Reflexed Stonecrop bears its pretty 6-7 petalled yellow flowers in dense, umbel-like heads, whereas Biting Stonecrop carries its 5-petalled yellow flowers in branching inflorescences. The flowers of the latter are also slightly larger. Reflexed Stonecrop is a perennial, growing to about 30cm tall, Biting Stonecrop is a much lower-growing , mat-forming plant, only reaching about 10cm high. The leaves of Reflexed Stonecrop are narrow, pointed and cylindrical and are evenly-spaced along the erect stem. The dead leaves don’t persist. These erect stems tend to droop when in bud. Blooming from June to August, this is an introduced species which belongs to the Crassulaceae or Stonecrop family. This was formerly known as Sedum rupestre.  

I first set eyes on this species in August 2013 when Paula O’Meara, BSBI’s Joint Vice-county Recorder for Waterford and Wexford, pointed it out to me. Many thanks Paula. I also photographed it on that occasion. 

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First recorded in 1836 (Flor.Hib) this species was also recorded in ‘The Flora of the County Dublin’ (1904) by Nathaniel Colgan who wrote that it was ‘Plentiful on an old wall by a footway between Dundrum and Rathfarnham’ and also ‘Sparingly on a wall-top by the Dodder below Old Bawn bridge, 1894-1903’

Stonecrop, Reflexed
Stonecrop, Reflexed
Stonecrop, Reflexed
Stonecrop, Reflexed