Campion, White

Information on White Campion

Common Name: White Campion
Scientific Name: Silene latifolia
Irish Name: Coireán bán
Family Group: Caryophyllaceae
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Flowering Period

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White Campion could sometimes be confused with:

Campion, Sea, Campion, Bladder,

Stickily-hairy perennial of disturbed ground, bare places and hedges, this plant blooms from May to October with very white flowers, both male and female, 25-30mm across, with 5 petals.  The hairy calyx is ovoid and becomes swollen in fruit and is not marked by the same pattern as that of Silene maritime. The leaves are opposite, lanceolate and stickily hairy.  This plant was possibly introduced and belongs to the family Carophyllaceae. 

I first identified this near to Lough Derg in Co Tipperary in 1981 and photographed it by the side of the road in Ballitore, Co Kildare in 2002. 

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Campion, White