Clover, Strawberry

Information on Strawberry Clover

Common Name: Strawberry Clover
Scientific Name: Trifolium fragiferum
Irish Name: Seamair mhogallach
Family Group: Fabaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Strawberry Clover could sometimes be confused with:

Clover, Alsike,

Strawberry Clover creeps mainly, only reaching about 15cm in height. It has round, clustered heads - 10-15mm across - of tiny, pale pink peaflowers. They are held on creeping stems which root at the nodes. After flowering, the densly hairy calyx swells in fruit, forming round, pink bladders which makes the flower-heads resemble small pink strawberries. The leaves are trifoliate with oval lobes and without white marks and are on long stems. This plant grows in coastal areas, grassland and old pasture. It is not common, is a native perennial and is found mainly in SE & SW. FamPea/Fabaceae.

I first saw and photographed this plant at Lady's Island Lake, Co Wexford in 2012. 

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Clover, Strawberry
Clover, Strawberry
Clover, Strawberry