Comfrey, Tuberous

Information on Comfrey, Tuberous

Common Name: Comfrey, Tuberous
Scientific Name: Symphytum tuberosum
Irish Name: Meacan compair
Family Group: Boraginaceae.
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Flowering Period

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Comfrey, Tuberous could sometimes be confused with:

Comfrey, Common, Comfrey, Common, Comfrey, Hidcote, Comfrey, White,

Tuberous Comfrey grows to a height of 120cm. Its flowers are 12-18mm long, creamy-yellow, tubular with corolla lobes turned back at outer edges. They are borne in curved, arching clusters on unwinged or only slightly winged, hairy stems. The leaves are oval, light green, with the middle leaves being the longest. Tuberous Comfrey grows on waste ground and in damp woodland shade and on riverbanks. It is an uncommon, scattered introduced perennial and it belongs to the Borage family. 

I first recorded and photographed this plant in Shankill, Co Dublin in 2012.

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Comfrey, Tuberous
Comfrey, Tuberous
Comfrey, Tuberous
Comfrey, Tuberous