Groundsel, Heath

Information on Heath Groundsel

Common Name: Heath Groundsel
Scientific Name: Senecio sylvaticus
Irish Name: Grúnlas mór
Family Group: Asteraceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Heath Groundsel could sometimes be confused with:

Groundsel, Sticky, Groundsel,

Heath Groundsel is considerably taller than Groundsel attaining a height of 70cm. It carries flower-heads 5mm across which are tight, conical bundles of disc florets with short, curling ray florets. The flower-heads are long-stalked. The bracts are not black-tipped. The flower-heads are in loose clusters on robust, upright, erect stems. Look for stickily hairy, conical heads in Heath Groundsel and cylindrical heads in Groundsel. The leaves are deeply pinnate, longer-lobed than Groundsel. This plant grows in sandy soils, bogs and on disturbed ground. It is a native annual, infrequent, and scattered across Ireland. It belongs to the Daisy family. 

I first found this plant and photographed it at Tullycanna, Co Wexford in 2012. 

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Groundsel, Heath
Groundsel, Heath
Groundsel, Heath
Groundsel, Heath