Yellow-sorrel, Purple-leaved

Information on Purple-leaved Yellow-sorrel

Common Name: Purple-leaved Yellow-sorrel
Scientific Name: Oxalis corniculata var. atropurpurea
Irish Name: Not known at present
Family Group: Oxalidaceae
Flowering Period

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Purple-leaved Yellow-sorrel could sometimes be confused with:

Yellow-sorrel, Procumbent,

This little plant has very similar flowers to those of Procumbent Yellow-sorrel but its leaves are dark bronze. It also scrambles across waste ground and gardens but tends to prefer a greenhouse habitat to being outdoors, braving the elements. It is a garden escape, somewhat invasive and is known to climb. An annual or perennial, it belongs to the Wood-sorrel family. 

I first recorded this plant in Coolcots, Co Wexford in 2012 when Mary Foley, a co-member of the Wexford Naturalists' Field Club, showed it to me growing and invading her greenhouse. 

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Yellow-sorrel, Purple-leaved