Butterwort, Large-flowered

Information on Large-flowered Butterwort

Common Name: Large-flowered Butterwort
Scientific Name: Pinguicula grandiflora
Irish Name: Leith uisce
Family Group: Lentibulariaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
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Large-flowered Butterwort could sometimes be confused with:

Butterwort, Common,

One of our native carnivorous plants, this sticky, hairy perennial is not a common sight in Ireland.  However, it is a joy to find as it has a most beautiful violet, funnel-shaped flower, 25-30mm across, which has purple streaks into a white throat.  The flower is backed by a 10-12mm long spur and the lower lip has three overlapping lobes with wavy margins and it flooms through May and June. The sticky leaves of this plant are the part of the plant which traps insects, they are yellow-green and are arranged in a basal rosette.  These leaves exude enzymes which digest certain parts of the insect's body, the plant absorbing essential nourishment.  This is a native plant, belonging to the family Lentibulariaceae.

I first recorded this plant on the Conor Pass in Kerry in 1979 and photographed it in the Burren in 1999. 

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Butterwort, Large-flowered
Butterwort, Large-flowered