Pearlwort, Knotted

Information on Knotted Pearlwort

Common Name: Knotted Pearlwort
Scientific Name: Sagina nodosa
Irish Name: Mongán glúineach
Family Group: Caryophyllaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Knotted Pearlwort could sometimes be confused with:

Sandwort, Spring,

Scattered about our countryside on heaths, damp dunes and mountain habitats, on both acid and lime soils, this small wildflower is a delight to find. From July to October, this wiry perennial stands about 12 cm high, bearing white, starry, five-petalled flowers (10 mm), the petals being twice as long as the sepals. Tufts of small, lanceolate leaves are arranged at intervals around the delicate, upright stems and if you gently run your fingers along them, the stems can feel as if they are ’knotted’. Sometimes confused with Spring Sandwort, it is distinguished by the ‘knotted’ stem and by having five styles whereas Spring Sandwort has only three. This is a native species belonging to the Caryophyllaceae family.

I first recorded and photographed this wildflower growing beside a spring-fed stream on a hillside near Slieve Carron, County Clare in 2010.

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Pearlwort, Knotted