Forget-me-not, Changing

Information on Changing Forget-me-not

Common Name: Changing Forget-me-not
Scientific Name: Myosotis discolor
Irish Name: Lus míonla buí
Family Group: Boraginaceae.
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
Flowering Period

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Changing Forget-me-not could sometimes be confused with:

Forget-me-not, Field,

Well-named little wildflower – Changing Forget-me-not does exactly that.  A hairy annual plant, when its first tiny flowers (2–3 mm) begin to open they are cream in colour but as the curled inflorescence slowly uncoils, the early flowers change to pink or blue and only the new flowers are cream. The corolla tube of each five-lobed flower is longer than its calyx. The leaves are oblong and quite hairy. Reaching about 20 cm high, this plant flowers from May to September on sandy soil, heaths and disturbed ground. This is a native plant and it belongs to the Boraginaceae family.  

I found this wildflower growing in Glenveagh National Park, County Donegal in 2010 when I photographed it. 

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Forget-me-not, Changing
Forget-me-not, Changing
Forget-me-not, Changing