Stonecrop, Biting

Information on Biting Stonecrop

Common Name: Biting Stonecrop
Scientific Name: Sedum acre
Irish Name: Grafán na gcloch
Family Group: Crassulaceae
Distribution: View Map (Courtesy of the BSBI)
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Biting Stonecrop could sometimes be confused with:

Stonecrop, Reflexed,

An evergreen perennial, Biting Stonecrop grows on bare, sandy places, often on lime, and on dry walls where other plants might not get a foothold.  It is a fleshy plant with bright yellow star-shaped flowers (12-15mm across) which have 5 petals, 5 sepals and 10 stamens.  The plant rarely reaches more than 10cm high but makes up for its loss of height by spreading widely, forming patches with its succulent leaves.  Sometimes red-tinged, the leaves are roughly egg-shaped and they are crowded on short stems.  This is a member of the family Crassulaceae and it blooms from May to July.   

I first recorded this plant at 5-mile Point, Co Wicklow 1978 and I photographed in the same place in 2004. 

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'The honeysuckle, crowding round the porch,

Hung down in heavier tufts, and that bright weed,

The yellow stonecrop, suffered to take root,

Along the window's edge, profusely grew,

Blinding the lower panes.'

From 'The Excursion'  by William Wordsmith (1770-1850)

Stonecrop, Biting
Stonecrop, Biting
Stonecrop, Biting
Stonecrop, Biting